This is how we created Denmark’s second most viewed commercial on YouTube

Parents do a great deal to help their children off to a good start in life. Even after they have moved away from home. Despite this, many of them forget to discuss insurance with their children, which means that in fact one in five young adults does not have home and liability insurance. To dramatize this problem, we asked a number of Danish parents to confess their worst “helicopter” sins in front of the camera. And we completed a YouGov-survey, which documented how much Danish parents do for their adult children. Along with the survey, the parents’ helicopter confessions became the essence of the film that was launched on Facebook, YouTube and seeded across digital media platforms. At the same time, we engineered a PR-campaign that highlighted the issues concerning the uninsured young people. The campaign engaged so many that the film about the Danish helicopter parents became the second most viewed commercial on YouTube in 2017. Most importantly, the campaign facilitated a significant increase in insurance sales to young people.
2 nd
Most viewed video advertisement
on YouTube DK in 2017
+19 %
increase in monthly
home insurance sales
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