Some things are worth keeping
If you’re only interested in our latest work, don’t visit Eiffel Museum. Here you’ll find older stuff that is still worth displaying.
What does Snapchat and insurance have in common?
On Snapchat, your post disappears. You might say the same thing about insurance; that it is about things disappearing. This particular analogy has led to an idea for a youth campaign for ALKA, and we can certainly say that Snapchat is a great place to meet the young people. Watch how we did it.
How far can a truck run on waste?
A truck can in fact run 370 km on a ton of waste. At Vestforbrænding’s biofuel installations, waste is transformed into biofuel and fertilizer. We assisted in getting the good story out on the road.
The best ones have an ExportScore above 80. What is yours?
EKF helps Danish exporters out into the world. We help EKF in becoming more well-known and then to convert this acquaintance into concrete dialogue. The latter happens by way of the EKF ExportScore. A digital tool that measures the economic requirements of the companies in order to succeed on the export market. At the same time, it provides useful advice on how to strengthen their prospects on the export market. Watch how.
An idea that resonated
With the Unity-series, Knauf offers acoustic solutions without compromising the aesthetic look. They wanted to tell this story to architects, who are notoriously difficult to get in contact with. The solution was to give the architects what they are always looking for: inspiration. The Unity-key grants access to exiting experiences that combine acoustics and aesthetics.
Who is there (for you), when your soccer life has hit the woodwork?
Soccer is more than just great goals and big moments. It is also lost opportunities, wasted beer and missed games. In order to activate ALKA’s Superliga-sponsorship, we created “Kom Igen” – a special service that helps fans of ALKA Superliga to move on, when their soccer lives have hit the woodwork. Be a game changer and watch this.

Andre projekter

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