Niels Brock

How do you show a new generation that the old school represents more than pride and tradition?

To a majority of the business community, Niels Brock is associated with pride and tradition. But how do you show potential students that the old name encompasses much more? We found the answer in the field between traditional values and a modern creative urge and that has become a branding campaign summarized under a new promise: For us who act.
The foundation for this was a survey done by Epinion, which concluded that to the young people Niels Brock is more of an active choice of education as opposed to the common gymnasium. The campaign is created as a result of the particular encounter between this insight and the commercial entrepreneurial spirit that is prominent at Niels Brock as well as in the general business community.
To convey this oath, we have selected a number of former students, who have since established successful careers. Among them, the CEO of Tryg Morten Hübbe, the former FCK-soccer player Thomas Delaney, influencers Marie Vagn-Hansen and Emilie Briting and entrepreneurs Jannick Christensen, COO of Washa, Anja Lytzen, founder of Lirum Larum Leg and Nicklas Kany from MentorDanmark.
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