PenSam’s alternative to Berlingske’s Talent 100

Every year, Berlingske Talent 100 applauds the greatest talents under 35 in the Danish business community. This is the ultimate validation for the young business segment, who is approaching bigger careers and even bigger salaries. But what about all those talents who have dedicated their lives to help other people?
That is the question we are asking together with PenSam and FOA Youth in an annually recurring campaign, launched as an alternative to Berlingske’s list: The Welfare Talent 100. A tribute to social and healthcare assistants, day care helpers, hospital porters and everyone else who serves the welfare of our community every day.
But the campaign is not only a tribute. It is a way to engage young customers at PenSam in the complex matter of pension. And it is to demonstrate that PenSam works for putting the subject of the young welfare talents’ pension on the political agenda. Because of this, the Danish Parliament was the host of The Welfare Talent 100 attended by Minister for Children and Social Affairs Mai Mercado (K) and spokeswoman on senior citizens Astrid Krag (S).
“I think that The Welfare Talent 100 is a brilliant idea – I almost wish that I had come up with it myself”
— Astrid Krag, spokeswoman on senior citizens (S)