A new brand strategy and a new customer promise for PFA

When PFA launched their new customer promise to the employees, it was the culmination of a long process, during which we had helped Denmark’s biggest pension company in developing a new brand strategy. The promise points to a future, where PFA will not only secure their customers the largest possible return on their pension, but also to deliver health care solutions that contribute to the good life to a greater extent.
Exciting, but also a bit nerve-racking
Most people are looking forward to the day, when they can withdraw and enjoy their retirement. However, this is also a future that raises questions. What will I do with my time? What about my social network? What will my economy look like? In a series of film portraits, PFA examines the senior life waiting on the other side.
You definitely did not know this about PFA
PFA is known for its pension. But did you know that PFA can also help you invest your private savings? Probably not. That is why we told this story in a series of newspaper ads. And we put words in the mouths of the investment experts at PFA, who already deliver some of the highest pension returns in the industry.